Welcome to New York

August 11 Mile 740.9 Tony’s Deli

I woke up not feeling so great; a bit of a sore throats and such. Once I got going I felt better; the sky was clear and I had a couple of climbs which made me sweat out any bug I may have. Or at least that’s my logic. After about 6.5 miles I saw Atlas and Matchmaker again in their van; they’re a couple from Texas hiking the trail, they started out as NOBOs. Matchmaker quit after 800 miles and now she drives the van to support Atlas. Super nice folks. Gear Rat and Tumbledown are traveling with them too. They’re actually here tonight at the Deli which is nice. I’m waiting on the rest of my tramily although I already ate a massive sandwich about an hour ago. 

Most of the day the trail went up and down, gently at times and the hiking was pleasant. I love hiking through the meadows and even hiked by some cows today! There were some babies; so cute! 

Two more big days and then a zero at the Hudson, that’s the plan. I can’t believe I’m in New York. I want to eat everything and sleep at the same time.

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