CDT Preparation

March 24 2019 12 Days until start date

Whew. Just got off the phone with Kaiser pharmacy people who assured me I would be able to pick up my prescriptions this week. It was a rather stressful weekend as I checked the website and saw that I wouldn’t be able to pick them up until late May. Ugh. So to say that I am relieved is a bit of an understatement. These kinds of mood vicissitudes are pretty common at this stage of hike planning and I have learned to just go with the flow of them and not try to ignore them. I know the anxiety will pass so I focus on that thought and find that I am actually able to be a productive human for the remainder of that day. The idea is to tire myself out so that I will be able to sleep and then ideally be better able to solve whatever issue is at hand.

Like today. I chatted with the guy on the phone about my hike and we briefly shared a mutual admiration for the Wind River Range in Wyoming. So that’s nice.

Tomorrow I’m taking the final step in my resupply preparation. I have most of the items I need for these boxes (there are 10 of them) and so mostly all I have to do is set up the boxes on the large table Keith made for me for this purpose and place the things in the boxes. I’ll write the addresses on labels and pin them to each box. I’ll leave the boxes open in case Keith needs to add anything to them. Mostly these boxes consist of hiker food (mac and cheese, ramen, Knorr pasta sides, Clif bars, Snickers bars, dried fruit, Pop Tarts, PB, electrolytes, caffeine, and other trash). I still have to get protein powder but other than that I’m ready.

When I go to Santa Rosa to pick up my meds I’ll stop by REI and pick up my new hiking pole tips, which I noticed are broken so I had some new ones shipped to the store. I’ll also get my new insulated inflatable Big Agnes SLX Q Core sleeping pad. Because getting the best sleep possible is extremely high on my to do list while hiking. And that just about completes the gathering aspect of my hike prep. Once all that is over I can cruise through my last week of work and not have to think about all that. Ideally! But honestly until I get on the airplane I’ll be attempting to rethink my decisions and I know better than to do that so I’ll be telling myself to shhhh, zip it! quite a bit.

And that’s ok.