July 29 Mile 564.8 Kid Gore Shelter

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night and consequently slept in until 6am, hitting the trail at 6:45. I climbed up Stratton peak and when I got to the summit I was able to climb up the lookout tower for a fantastic view. I met Jean, the caretaker who wished me a happy hike and I headed off down the mountain. 

It was another day of saying, “Hey, how are you? Very well, thanks. Happy trails!” to the NOBOs. I have definitely hit the NOBO “bubble” which is the majority of the northbound thru hikers. I see about 30-40 a day. So many. There will be a time when I stop seeing the NOBOs. Then there will just be day and weekend hikers. Some sections hikers, folks who hike just parts of the trail at a time. I have a feeling the trail will be fairy quiet the further south I get.

Today was pretty uneventful; I was tired most of the day and pleased to get 15 miles in. And happy to stop in this lovely spot. Tomorrow I’ll camp near the highway and go into Bennington for a quick resupply Monday morning. I can’t believe that soon I’ll be hiking into Massachusetts. 

Moving right along. 

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