Last Day, First Day

June 10 Mile 0

Trying hard to get the hang of this blog thing via my phone. I think this is the third time I have written his entry, hopefully this time I will remember to post it before closing the page! 

Today was my last day of work. When I got home to my studio this evening I wondered what it will look like when I return in 5 or so months. Will there be dust covering everything? Should I buy some white sheets to cover everything like people in movies do? No. I am grateful to have a place to come home to. 

This evening I will pack up my things and be ready when Kirsten and Matt pick me up tomorrow morning. Before I hiked the PCT, I obsessed over packing my pack. Now, I am much more relaxed and carefree about the whole process. I have everything I need set out on the cedar bench, and I’ll just throw it into stuff sacks and then into my pack. When I get to Wendy’s house in Maine I’ll make it trail ready with food and fuel. But for now, meh. Just get it in the pack, Cougar.

I just ate a huge cookie, and I’m going to do a last load of laundry (I want to come home to clean sheets) and while I wait for that to finish I’m going to take a long hot bath and think about what I’m going to wear tomorrow. Do I wear my hiking clothes even though I don’t actually start hiking until Thursday? Or should I wear my favorite dress that is falling apart, that I’ve had for 8 years, that I can dispose of finally on Wednesday before Wendy and I drive up to Baxter Stare Park? I think so. 

I’m ready.

One thought on “Last Day, First Day

  1. I love you so much. What a wonderful note, I can just see you perfectly in my mind getting ready for your big adventure.


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